RRM Staffing Solutions
"I have known Rose since 1999. Managers are constantly looking for exceptional sales talent. Rose
does a great job of understanding the position and the requirements and then matching the
candidates to these positions. Rose has worked with me through my tenure at 3 companies and I
have hired 4 candidates that she has recommended. Any one of these individuals I would hire again.
That is the best testimonial I can give for why I continue to work with Rose."
Anne Kelly, Director, Field Marketing, Cognos
"Rose has an excellent network of prospects and knows how to understand exactly what I am
looking for and map that to potential hires. I have found some of my best employees through Rose
and always use her when I am looking for job candidates. She is very thorough and her judgement
is excellent.   
Dave MacKenzie, Sales Director, Network Engines
“Rose and I worked together on my job search. Her expertise in the area of Inside Sales, and Inside
Sales Management is clearly a differentiator when comparing the activities of other recruiters. Her
experience and professionalism, as well as her ability to screen opportunities, ensured that I was
engaging with Companies that were more likely to be a fit for my skills and requirements. I heartily
recommend Rose to anyone looking to staff an inside sales organization.”
Jan  John,  Sr. Mgr Business Generation, Progress Software
“I have had a working relationship with Rose since 1995. She was an exceptionally good judge of
personnel as a Sales Director, and recently did a top-notch job of placing an individual with another
client of mine. I highly recommend her.”
Geoff Alexander, President, Geoff Alexander & Company
“I worked with Rose as she transitioned Telesales from an outsourced function to an internal group.
She built the team from 5-10 people to 80 sales people in about a two year period, over achieving
her revenue goals along the way. What impressed me most about Rose was her ability to hire
quality people, develop them and make them productive in a short period of time. She did this by
putting in place a sales process infrastructure and proficiency criteria for her sales people and sales
managers. While working with Rose as a peer I observed her leadership abilities in building strong
teams and managing conflict, developing & mentoring leaders in order to delegate responsibilities,
and creating and environment of open communication in order to motivate and inspire her team. At
the same time she was very proficient at planning and managing the business side of things. I
highly recommend Rose for any organization needing expertise in hiring, developing, and building a
Telesales team.”
Jim Naro, National Sales Director, BBN Planet /GTE Internetworking
“Rose is one of the most dynamic people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is fair
and motivating and is an asset to any organization she works in. She knows the high technology
industry inside and out. I admire her professionalism and honesty as well as her ability to get the job
done. Her coworkers and clients love working with her.”
Christina Macrina, Account Manager, GTE Internetworking