RRM Staffing Solutions
RRM Staffing Solutions is a boutique contingency staffing firm located in Woburn,
Massachusetts and focused on high tech sales and marketing placements.  We
have over 25 years of experience helping companies build successful sales and
understanding of the positions we fill and the candidates we represent.
RRM Staffing Solutions works closely with our client companies to proactively recruit
top performers that satisfy their unique requirements.  Our value comes from the
strength of our network of top notch candidates and clients.
The benefit to your firm of working with us is that you will only receive highly
qualified candidates – you will see quality, not quantity.  With the current market
conditions it is more important than ever to hire “A” players.  This is where RRM
Staffing Solutions can make a difference in your recruiting success.
If you are a candidate, you will be provided with professional treatment and
high-quality service and advice.  We will present you selected opportunities that will
be very suitable matches to your job search and career path requirements.